Industry Partners

ABS Institute collaborates with OmniAb Inc. (NASDAQ: OABI) to develop innovative antibody discovery technologies, and to understand the in vivo antibody response at a molecular level.

Indapta Therapeutics has partnered with ABS to develop next generation engineered natural killer (NK) cell-based therapeutics for cancer.

Jasper and ABS are collaborating to develop cell systems and their associated engineered antibodies for bone-marrow transplantation and urticaria.

Tharimmune has partnered with ABS to discover and engineer unique human antibodies targeting Her2 and ErbB3 for breast cancer.

ABS and Cyclogenix collaborate on next-generation cyclotide technologies.

Spin-out Companies

Taurus Biosciences was a spin-out company from ABS Institute developing technologies for discovery of humanized utralong CDR3 cow antibodies. Taurus was acquired by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and now forms the OmniTaur platform within OmniAb Inc. (NASDAQ: OABI).

Minotaur Therapeutics is a spin-out company focused on developing ultralong CDR3 antibodies for therapeutic use. Minotaur was formed in association with the acquisition of Taurus Biosciences, and a licensing agreement for certain Taurus assets with Ligand (now OmniAb).

Developing breakthroughs for neurological diseases.

Academic Collaborations

In addition to our industry partners, ABS maintains multiple collaborations with leading universities, research institutes, and non-profit organizations.