Vaughn V. Smider M.D., Ph.D
Applied Biomedical Science Institute
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Dear Friends and Visitors,


Healthcare is personal to all of us.  We are all impacted by major or minor diseases, either personally or through our relationships with family members, friends or colleagues.  After years of studying the basics of cancer biology and immunology, my life changed when my wife was stricken with a rare and aggressive cancer at a very young age.  Suddenly my work and personal life were intertwined, and it became clear to me that we need to double-down on our efforts to understand the basic biology around cancer and the immune system, but we also need mechanisms and infrastructure to rapidly translate basic discoveries into cutting edge medical advances that impact patients’ lives.  That’s why we started the Applied Biomedical Science Institute (ABS), as a means to provide the fuel for cures.

We have deep expertise in the genetics and biology of the immune system, and have developed cutting-edge technologies for discovering unique antibodies- key molecules that fight infections and cancer.  In the lab we can find and engineer antibodies to become drugs. In fact, there is now an entire class of “antibody therapeutics” that includes important medicines like Rituxan, Herceptin, Avastin, Humira, amongst many others.  We are developing the scientific and manufacturing infrastructure to rapidly move research discoveries from the lab to discovery of an antibody drug candidate to direct testing in patients.

At ABS we are pursuing the frontiers of basic research as well as developing new technologies for drug discovery.  Our priority is to translate our research into therapeutics, diagnostics, and new technologies for medicine.    ABS is a non-profit organization working with leading universities, institutes, doctors, donors, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to pursue these ambitious goals.  Please browse our website and if you’d like to hear more, feel free to contact us.



Vaughn Smider M.D., Ph.D.